Bob Andy & Mad Professor - Bob Andy's Dub Book AV007CD

'Bob Andy's Dub Book' Album mix - Selected Tracks:  
Mind Jungle Dub - You Know It Dub - Tribal War Dub - Devastation Dub - Brothers' Faith Dub - Share It Out Dub - Rasta Victory Dub
All tracks in mix © Andisongs (PRS)
Released in November 1989, this is the only dub album available to date of Bob Andy's music. At Ariwa studios, Britain's dub master MAD PROFESSOR was let loose on twenty years' worth of classic Andy cuts. Tracks like "Unchained", "War in the City", "You Don't Know", "Ghetto Stays in the Mind", and "Going Home" have been given the full Neil Fraser treatment.

`This is not just one of the best dub albums, but one of the best new albums period. We get the best of two worlds as the cerebral and complex Andy goes head to head with the wild and innovative Mad Professor. Highly recommended.'

`A truly representative collection of Bob's wicked music, mixed by the UK's number one dub maestro, the Mad Professor. All concerned have done a sterling job.'

`An excellent album - a great variation of sounds and styles.'

`At its best, dub has always been amongst the most satisfying of musics. Dub Book, horns aching, drums ringing, bass carousing, is amongst the best of dubs.'