Bob Andy - Friends AV001CD

'Friends' Album mix - Selected Tracks:  
Rasta Come Of Age - Friends - Change Your Mind - Spice Of Life - Come On Over - Honey - Rasta Reggae Music
All tracks in mix © Andisongs (PRS)
The Friends album was Bob's first release on his own I-Anka label. It topped the reggae charts when released in 1983, and contains the Number One single "Honey" (b/w with the classic "Going Home"). Recorded in Jamaica and the US, it features some of Jamaica's greatest musicians, including Sly & Robbie, Dean Fraser, David Madden, Robbie Lyn, Willie Lindo, Sky Juice, and Derek Barnett.

`Bob Andy is back in business, and lovers of Compleat Reggae are in clover.'

`Search for... veteran Bob Andy's dulcet Friends.'

`Bob's voice is still as rich as ever - it is so full of flavour you can almost taste it.'

`In the LP, Bob captures the essence of reggae in its newest and most powerful form, while still adhering to the same sort of clarity of vocal sound and professionalism of style that characterised the early singers and writers of our music.'

`Another flawless masterpiece from the man ... a world-class album of original songs ... (it) marks a pinnacle of achievement in reggae's topsy-turvy history, being music to lift the spirit.' (rating: 5 out of 5)

Tower Records' TOP:
`Timeless musical artistry ... seek within so that you too may find wisdom through the songs, reminiscent in style to Dylan's 60s classics.'