Bob Andy & Marcia Griffiths - Really Together AV003CD

'Really Together' Album mix - Selected Tracks:  
Kemar - Call Me - Call Me Dub - Come Back
All tracks in mix © Andisongs (PRS)
Although BOB & MARCIA had split professionally in 1974, there was a brief musical reunion at Harry J's studio in 1976. These recordings had surfaced in a limited Jamaican release under the title Kemar, but in 1987, they were freshly remixed by Neil Fraser, better known as MAD PROFESSOR, at his Ariwa Studios in South London. As with all of Bob Andy's self-productions, the aristocracy of the Jamaican music scene can be heard: these sessions feature Geoffrey Chung, Wire Lindo, and Dalton Browne, amongst others. Three of the tracks were written by Bob, and the remainder are by the Clarendonians, Jackie Opel, Stranger Cole and Dobby Dobson.

Tower Records' PULSE (USA):
`The accent is on quality, the singing is inspired and the arrangements pristine. This is soul-full reggae, filled with love and talent. Yes-I.'

`A criss reminder of just how wonderful the two of them sounded together. Don't miss.'

THE VOICE (London):
`An album which is genuinely sympathetic to the intrinsic warmth of reggae and the reggae beat. This is the closest we are going to get to the golden age of reggae.'