Various Artists - The Songs of Bob Andy

'The Songs Of Bob Andy' Album mix - Selected Tracks:  
The Way I Feel - Never Give Up The Fight - Revelation - Ghetto Stays In the Mind - War In the City
All tracks in mix © Andisongs (PRS)
Good songs are timeless...
This is a tribute to the songwriting skills of Bob Andy, by some of the great voices in reggae. Musical backing is provided by excellent session musicians such as Mafia & Fluxy, Jahpostles Band, Black Steel, and many more - mixes are by Gussie P, Mad Professor and Bunny Tom-Tom. For good measure, there is a previously unreleased song by Bob himself.


`Frankly, I would have paid the price of admission for Bob Andy's contribution alone. And with such a variety of quality tracks to choose from, how can it fail? (rating: 5 out of 5)


`Let me just say it's a fantastic selection of Andy songs. Recommended!'


`Bob Andy's songs have become part of the fabric and vocabulary of reggae music. This approach gives new meaning and added dimension to many of his classics, with a host of top notch artists giving their own interpretations. (rating: 8 out of 10).' ...


`Bob Andy is one of the finest songwriters the world has ... this project is a wonderful compilation of his songs!'


`10 classic tracks by top international reggae artists ... this LP is a great introduction to Bob Andy's extensive catalogue.'


`Yes. A great idea, and faultlessly executed, too. Some of reggae's finest cover one of reggae's finest.'

These mini-bios were written by Ray Hurford (+) in 1993 as part of the press release.


When Bob Marley set up his Tuff Gong label in the late 70s, one of his main aims was not only to record young talent, but to give his artists the kind of back-up and training usually only found on major labels. Nadine, Junior Tucker and the Melody Makers were the first to benefit from this attention. With Nadine now making regular appearances in the reggae charts in Jamaica, New York and London, it looks like all of Bob Marley's dreams will come true for this gifted young woman.


Trevor is a unique singer/songwriter who began singing in Jamaica, but first hit in the UK with with two massive tunes, 'Selassie I' / 'Skip Away', produced by Dennis Bovell in 1979. Over the last decade he has worked with a number of producers, all of whom he's brought success to, including Sugar Minott, Sir George, and Aswad's Drummie Zeb and Tony Gad. Trevor has also worked with major labels Virgin and London Records. More recently, he's collaborated with the great Leroy Sibbles.


The early ska era was the time that Ken Boothe cut his first records. His first big hit was 'The Train is Coming' for Studio One. Blessed with a superb voice, Ken is popularly called "Mr. Smooth." He has worked successfully with most of the major record producers in Jamaica. The 70s saw him teaming up with Lloyd Charmers, with whom he had the Number one UK pop hit 'Everything I Own.' More recently, he's been working with King Jammys. (+)


Like so many singers in Jamaica, Earl started his career with a vocal group, the Flaming Phonics. It wasn't long before he went solo, and almost immediately made his mark with 'Malcolm X' for producer Derrick Harriott. This was followed by another classic, 'Cheating', produced by Lee Perry. Great works continued for producers like Augustus Pablo and Ranking Joe/Jah Screw. Earl relocated to London in the mid 80s, recording successfully with Mad Professor and others.


From the late 50s to the present day, Alton has made a tremendous contribution to reggae music. Over the years, he recorded for producers like Coxsone Dodd and Duke Reid, creating some truly magnificent music. When he moved to Canada he played a major role in its Jamaican music scene, and from the early 80s he has done the same in Britain, working with labels like Fashion, Cha Cha and Body Music. Alton is always busy with shows in North America, Europe and Japan.


Bob was a founder member of the great vocal group The Paragons in the early to mid 60s, then moving to a solo career. At Studio One, he became known for writing some of the best life songs and love songs ever to come out of Jamaica. He has continued this work, as well as producing other artists, over the years: as part of the duo Bob & Marcia and at Harry J's in the early 70s, and as A&R man for Soundtracs in the mid 70s and Tuff Gong in the late 80s. Bob started his publishing company Andisongs in the mid 70s and his record label I-Anka in the early 80s, and these remain the focus of his attention today.


As the leader of the Sensations, Jackie had major hits like 'Those Guys', 'Every Day Is A Holiday', and 'I'll Never Fall In Love', all produced by Duke Reid for Treasure Isle. As a solo artist in the late 70s he recorded for producer Winston Riley and hit with 'Run For Your Life.' Since then he's recorded for several labels, including Music Works in the early 80s. Jackie recorded an album with Aswad on their first trip to Jamaica, which remains unissued. He is presently recording with Upstairs Music in Miami. (+)


Singer/songwriter Hopeton Lindo started recording in the late 70s in Jamaica. In the early 80s, he was a founder member of Gussie Clarke's songwriting team "Dub Plate Music", where he earned his nickname, "The Pen." While at Gussie Clarke's Music Works, he wrote songs for artists like Gregory Isaacs, Dennis Brown, J. C. Lodge and Maxi Priest. By the late 80s, Hopeton had resumed his own singing career, and in 1991 the "Two Friends" team produced his excellent debut album The Word. He is currently producing for his Irie Pen label and recording for Willie Lindo at Heavy Beat. (+)


1999: Rest in peace, Lincoln
Lincoln Thompson's career began in 1966 with a rock steady vocal group, the Tartens. He eventually went on to Studio One as a solo artist, making his debut recording 'True Experience' in 1973. He finally found success after forming the Royal Rasses; they had a huge hit in 1976 with 'Love The Way It Should Be'. In time this lead to the classic album Humanity, released on UA/Ballistic. More recently, Prince Lincoln has recorded for his own label, God Sent.


Well-known as a member of Bob Marley's I-Threes, Marcia started in the 60s at Studio One. Most of her solo recordings there were written and arranged by Bob Andy, and they had a hit as a duo with 'Really Together'. Bob & Marcia also found international chart success with the pop hit 'Young Gifted & Black' in the early 70s. Marcia recorded two successful solo albums for Sonia Pottinger in the late 70s, and has continued to work occasionally with the I-Threes since Marley's death. Throughout the 80s and 90s, Marcia has been extremely active with tours and recording, the latter most notably for Germain's Penthouse label.

(+) added contributions by Danny Breakenridge