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Bob Andy: The Man with the Golden Pen:
Chris May in BLACK MUSIC magazine called Bob Andy `the greatest living songwriter in Jamaican music'... In VOX, Steve Barrow agreed, referring to Bob as `Jamaica's best writer' ... Ian McCann, writing in Tower Records' TOP magazine, stated: `Bob Andy remains one of the best songwriters in the world.' ... Penny Reel used an album review in ECHOES to observe: `The pertinent question is whether (this artist's) present prominence is due to the singer so much as the scene's current rediscovery of Bob Andy's crafted songs.'

Keith Anderson - professionally known as Bob Andy - was one of the first Jamaican artists of his generation to learn about the rights of songwriters, thanks in part to the advice of the legendary JOE HIGGS, who was also Bob Marley's mentor. As a result, virtually all of the copyrights to Bob's songs remain his own, under the direction of his publishing company Andisongs, which was founded in Jamaica in 1974, and is now based in London.
We would like all fans of Jamaican music to be aware that Bob has never signed over any part of his publishing to any producer. Bob and Andisongs have long been members of the British copyright societies MCPS and PRS, whose files confirm Bob's registrations of his own work. We are aware of claims to the contrary - in particular by Jamrec Music - but Andisongs has consistently and successfully established, again and again, that such claims have no validity.
Radio DJs, please: Especially for selections from Songbook (except for "Stay in My Lonely Arms") and for versions on the list, your broadcast logs should reflect Keith Anderson (or Bob Andy) as the composer, and Andisongs as the publisher. Please be aware that the credits on record releases may not always be the final authority in such matters . It isn't possible for artists, composers or even copyright societies to control the content of sleeve print.
Please contact us if you have any queries, and please let us know if you spot dubious credits. A complete list of the Andisongs catalogue is available from us on request.
Thanks to all fans of Jamaican music who understand and support the rights of artists and songwriters!