Bob always wanted to have his own label, and his first was JAM-ROCK, established in Jamaica in 1974. It was for this label that he produced "Check It Out" and "Rock It Down", as well singles by the group Time.

However, in the late 70s while Bob was taking a rest from the music business, the name began to be used by other labels.

For Bob's first release in 1983, he established I-ANKA which was a melange of "anchor", which represented his hopes for the label, and the name of his baby daughter, Bianca. The echo of Jamaica too was not far from Bob's thoughts.


Whereas Jamaica would always be the source of Bob's creative inspiration, England - as for many other Jamaican artists and musicians - was the first place where he felt he could become part of the music business. He began to discover that his musical expression was respected beyond his home base, and found opportunities to use his talents to produce his own music.

For these reasons, Bob established I-Anka in the United Kingdom in 1983. From time to time Bob has also released 7 inch singles on I-Anka in Jamaica. Although most were issued parallel to UK 12"s, "Level Vibes" (1984) was an example of a Jamaica-only release.

I-Anka is pleased to announce that from March 2014, Believe is our new digital distributor. Virtually all I-Anka tracks are now available for download in most territories across the globe.

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