Jackie Mittoo : Mastermind at the Foundation
© 1999 Keith Anderson

Whenever and wherever Jamaican music is played, the spirit of Jackie Mittoo is there, too.

Jackie was the single most important contributor to the sound of Studio One - the sound which has provided the structure for all of our music, from the 60s on into each succeeding decade.
Coxsone Dodd is celebrated for owning the facilities where this music was created, yet it was Jackie Mittoo who masterminded almost all the musical productions at Brentford Road.
It's a sad commentary that in life, Jackie did not receive the respect and the rewards he was due. It is up to us to see that justice is done, so that in death at least, Jackie Mittoo is accorded his true status for his role in the creation of the music the world now knows as reggae.

We'd like to give thanks for the video clip of Bob's tribute at Jackie's funeral sent to us by WILLIAM BECK of Toronto. Will: much appreciation for your response.