Tyrone Evans : Unsung Hero
© 2000 Keith Anderson
In every country all over this planet, there are individuals who have made significant contributions to their families, communities, country, and often times, to the world community. Whether in the arts, sciences, business or whatever sphere or facet these individuals concern themselves, they are usually selfless and most generous; they are not being driven by self-seeking motives. And they are usually not recognized by the system and status quo - which in no way diminishes their contributions. These are people who are often referred to as "unsung heroes." In this category is placed Tyrone (Don) Evans.

Along with myself, Tyrone was a founding member of the legendary Paragons. He was a stalwart second tenor and great at harmonies. With the passage of time, his songwriting skills developed greatly. Tyrone at various times regrouped with the Paragons for the odd recordings and also sporadically performed as a solo act. He is sadly missed by family, friends, fans, and a reggae business that seriously needs all the talent and professional and creative support that it can possibly receive.