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Michael Garner | @
Thank you for the song "Fire Burning. I discovered it on an album, "Wildflower Reggae Hits" in the 80s, and its beautiful, lyrical melody and strong, compassionate message have stuck with me through all these years. Thank you for deep insight, wisdom and beauty. You have enriched my life.
13 April 2018 - New York, NY

lio_nel | @
Nuff Reespect Bob to you & Studio One !
31 October 2015 - france

Sandra Ernstoff | @
I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Shepherds Bush O2 on Friday. Brilliant evening. All great acts, but you were amazing. Too Experienced. Got to Go Back Home. And worth the ticket price for Young Gifted and Black alone. Thank you.
30 August 2015 - UK

Roger Holloway | @
Bob - You were quite kind to me while visiting Kingston in 1975. I played drums behind you in a club, and you introduced me to other artists. Because I was an FM radio DJ and music director of WTLC-FM in Indianapolis and we were playing reggae, it meant a lot to me. Thanks! ~Roger
29 January 2015 - United States

patrick thomson | @
Mr. Anderson,
Greetings! Life is short so permit me to say a few words of appreciation before it is too late. I grew up in a part of Central Kingston commonly called "Southside." My mother had a bar and small, local restaurant. During my formative years in the late 1960s and 1970s, I spent many an hour listening to your music. I always found it to be uplifting; socially conscious; sometimes angry, but never hateful; often loving, but always exhorting the objects of your affection to strive to be better. Many a times when I was disheartened your music lifted me up. Many a times when I felt like it was not worth it, it kept me going. To me you are an example of what humanity should be: brothers and sisters looking out for each other ("sharing the joys togetherness can bring"). I want you to know that although I have never had the pleasure of meeting you, you have had as much of an impact on me as all but a precious few individuals. It pleases me to say that this impact has been nothing, if not positive.
Jah (God) Bless,

3 August 2014 - United States

alessia gallucci | @
thank you!!
31 March 2014 - Fermo, Italia

Mickey Jones | @
Big up the living legend Mr. Bob Andy. You are truly an inspiration, role model and father figure to many. Much love from all the fans here in Kenya. We love the music and will continue to play and be inspired by your wise words and counsel.
31 January 2014 - Kenya

Andy Herz | @
Greetings and enduring respect from The Harder They Come family. Tanks to Ray Hurford for connecting us.
23 January 2014 - Brooklyn NY USA

Sue Bralee | @
Bob, I have rediscovered your music after many years and you are as fantastic now as ever. A friend of mine was able to give me a copy of "Come Back" wow what a tune, just amazing - Thank you for giving us such a lovely tune that is so precious to me x
14 December 2013 - London, England

Rich Felts Sr. | @
Mr Bob Andy.Wow , your music is awesome! I love your version of Bob Dylan's "Lay Lady Lay" ! Hope to catch a concert! Rich
31 October 2013 - Virginia Beach , VA USA

Carron Creary | @
Just to say I loved going over website and reading all about you. I even sang Fire Burns as I scan some of the lyrics. You stem from my fathers era and he loved Bob Marley music too, so I grew listening to you both. I also listen Marcia Griffins and the rest of the I Three when they went solo. Glad all went well at the Hollywood Bowl last week. You well in the photos. Jamaica must feel sense of pride for the living legend you are. 1Luv and respect to Bob and from me and my father (R.I.P daddy)
11 August 2012

Ionie and Jean-Pierre South of France | @
Thanks for making our memory of the Garance Festival an unforgettable one.we have send you some pictures hope you like them.Give us a link the next time you are here or in Toronto
31 July 2012 - Grenoble, France

Rob Flake | @
what an honour and privelege to spend two nights in the company of Bob Andy , at Neita's Nest , in St Andrews Jamaica, what a warm,charming ,engaging and inteligent man.bless bless bless
12 May 2012 - united kingdom

Harvey Chevolleau Sr. | @
Link me. Would love to hear from my Brethren.(954) 4659517
24 March 2012 - Lauderdale Lakes, FL

Charles Hyatt Jnr. | @
I love the page. All the information one could want on the big man is covered.
Good job ladies and Gentlemen
6 March 2012 - Kingston, Jamaica

Noel | @
One Love everytime
6 November 2011 - New York foundation Kingston

Hope everything is irie in JAM? How can i get some of your tunes? i used to have the friends album on an LP in the 90's which i usually fell in love with.
1 November 2011 - GHANA, WEST AFRICA

Rohan Brown | @
I am a fairly young person(39) but i love these soul music,its a pity thought I cant get to attend the concert but great music and keep on going.
28 October 2011 - Kingston , Jamaica.

Kerith Golden (nick name KG) | @
Hi Bob I have a fan of yours from my high school days, you are the best song writer that Jamaica has produced. I wish you a speedy recovery from your recent illness. God Bless.
27 October 2011 - West Rural St Andrew Jamaica

ras bob | @
raspect bob!I and I wish you a speedy recovery.Your album"Friends"cemented I love for quality roots musik.You are truly gifted.San Francisco Massive shout it out for you.
14 July 2011 - San Bruno,California

4 July 2011 - UK

Del | @
When are you coming to the UK? Can you play at concorde 2 in Brighton
18 June 2011 - Hastings UK

Rafael | @
Just wanted to say thank you for your music. You're one of the best reggae musicians to have ever lived ;)
4 June 2011 - Portugal

Peter | @
Hey Bob am gonna turn your single you song
with Marcia in 1970 on Radio Rucphen Fm tomorrow evening between 18.00-20.00 its one of my favorites off all times.
I hope you can listen we have live stream
26 May 2011 - Holland

James | @
sorry to hear Bob was ill, wishing a speedy recovery "NEVER GIVE UP THE FIGHT"
8 May 2011 - Scotland

Nurse Osbourne | @
It was a pleasure nursing you. Get well soon ok. :-)
22 April 2011 - Jamaica

Dave Home | @
Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
17 April 2011 - London

john lewis ; george raymond | @
hope you have a speedy recovery and god bless you
15 April 2011 - miami, florida

6 April 2011 - INDIANA

Mary Francis | @
Get well soon Bob. I'm praying for you.
6 April 2011 - Jamaica

juan | @
Thanks for all your music and wisdom;
Yah bless
19 December 2010 - Lanzarote/Canary Island

lightningclap | @
Your tunes are absolutely timeless classics. So many of them are constantly floating through my head. I'm amazed that these songs have not been discovered by the "international" Adult Contemporary artists like Sting, Joe Cocker, Van Morrison, etc.these are quality songs that would work in any genre.

I have seen many concerts in my life; one of the greatest ever was Bob Andy and Alton Ellis at Wolfgang's in San Francisco in the 80s. That was a life-changing experience.
22 November 2010 - Santa Cruz, CA USA

Garfield | @
You are a true Icon. A great man whose music I grew up on in Jamaica.Your music helped to change lives. PEACE & LOVE
20 September 2010 - London, England

Stix | @
Greetings Bob, what a great show last night.my wife and I left with big smiles on our faces. Like you said music can never die, especially not when it is such quality. Big up the Ruff Cut Band too, the musicians are forgotten in this day and age.

16 August 2010 - Watford, UK

d ebra (debbie) | @
Well all I can say is WOW!! Just got back from the Jazz Cafe in Camden London. Bob it was fabulous! You, the band the tunes and the atmosphere. I took my father along as a birthday treat he hasn't been to a concert or anywhere socially in over 10 years and my father danced through your whole set! As we travelled home in the car I asked him what he thought of the evening, he answered 'It was proper'.
Jah Bless You! and thanks for a wonderful nite of fabulous music x
15 August 2010 - Hammersmith, London

Peter G | @
So glad to finally be able to see you on stage again - it has been many many years. If my children were a bit older I would be bringing them too! The Jazz Cafe is gonna rock tomorrow night !!!
14 August 2010 - London

Susanne | @
Thank you for "my Time". It has brought memories of being 15 (now 41) and at a party and being asked to "slow dance" with a boy that I liked to this song!!! Sweet memories :).
16 April 2010 - london England.

Derek J (Musicalist.) | @
Just had to drop a line in! What a pleasure to play for Bob in Brixton 2009, and the reviews from 1997 brought back good memories of that concert - the last time I played with this special artist. Can't beat a show full of classic material sung by someone so cool, spiritual, funny and intelligent. Bless to many more to come.
13 April 2010 - London

Francis | @
Lots Of Love & I - All these tunes

Lots Of Love & I
Feel The Feeling
You Lied
Troubled Woman
My Time (I Deserve)
Unchain Me
Stepping Free
Mash It Up
Ghetto Stays In The Mind

Everyone of these tunes cover or not a boss tune dem
8 April 2010 - Japan

tomket | @
will meet at rototom sunsplash 2010 in spain! see you soon
3 April 2010 - kralupy, czech republic

Donatello | @
One love and joy to you. . .thank you
15 March 2010 - Chico, Ca, USA, mother earth

mloyi | @
we are still waiting for Bob andy in Africa. Welcome
23 October 2009 - dar es salaam, Tanzania.

Dave R. | @
I stumbled upon a Studio One compilation in the Cox Library of Music at Cornell University, where I have a part-time job. I heard one of your tracks on the album, Desperate Lover, and I can't stop listening to it. It's a beautiful song, and I thank you for recording it. Take care of yourself.
19 October 2009 - Ithaca, NY

Randee | @
Nice nice bob but what happened to the track "one woman"? sweet tune ya know
1 September 2009 - uk

Gonzalo | @
I just want to say that I reach your music through LOS PERICOS, which is an argentinian very popular reggae band that made two covers from your songs (mucha experiencia y mi resistencia); and I have to say that your music is excelent.greetings from Buenos Aires and I hope to see you one day in Argentina!
22 June 2009 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dave Home | @
Thanks for such a great show at the Hootananny. It was a real pleasure to see you perform live for the first time. Best wishes.
14 June 2009 - London

neil reeves | @
had some very bad news about my mothers health this week but could not think of a more respected artist i love to make the sun shine for me at the hootenanny brixton this thursday!!!
9 June 2009 - berkshire,england

Tony Morris | @
It's been a very long time sinvce i heard from you. I was thinking about you the other day in the context of playing some of your old albums. Good to know you are still up and running and working.
8 May 2009 - London

Sue Reid | @
Hello Bob Andy, I wonder if you remember me.We were on the same flight coming back from Ethiopia in 2006. You were there performing at Bob Marleys 60th Birthday Anniversary. You had a terrible headache on the plane and i gave you some pills to take which cured it instantly!! Just reaching out to you now where ever you are and hoping that things are going well.
16 April 2009 - Nottingham, England

Marcia Knowles | @
LOVE your music, your fan for life. When are u coming to ATL?Jah Bless
6 April 2009 - Atlanta Georgia

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