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christine | @
Hi Bob I met you in the 70's in London Uk, I remember you being a very modest person then- and you sound like you still are - very rare these days. Take care
22 February 2009 - vancouver island, canada

Felicia T. | @
Hello Bob. i was reading your article/interview taken in 1983 about Coxsone and many of the artists he produced, including Andy & Joey. I am actually the niece of Andy (Reuben Anderson), and he resides with my family here, in the United States. A friend found your interview and sent it to me. and I was amazed and saddened by the facts that you presented. They were so true, sadly. However, I am grateful to find some of my roots, both familial and cultural, through your site. It is amazing!! I hope to one day discover all of the great music you and so many others produced & collect them for myself. God Bless.
30 December 2008 - Florida, United States

Tracey | @
I seem a bit wet but I just wanted to say how much I love "you don't know".50 yr old whgite woman late to reggae but loving it and just wanted to show my appreciation.
Boring, eh
18 August 2008 - england

maciek | @
13 december 1989 Gdansk Shipyard. I was fourteen then. Reggae fan since then. Bless
30 July 2008 - Holand

Kathy McLennan & Doubbie & Melody | @
Hi Bob its Kathy & Doubbie from Perth, have been thinking about you and wondering how things are. Doub mention the video you made in London, you know we never saw it, maybe 16 years later, we might get to see it, looked on you tube but could not find it. We still have the outfit I made Doub for that video. Memories Hey. Hope all is well with you, Hows Bianca doing well I hope. Maybe will get back to London one day soon, then JA, take the little one back to her Roots.
Jah Bless Kathy, Doubbie & Melody.
19 May 2008 - Australia

Larmarc Anderson | @
whats Up Pops Call me sometimes
305-635-9228 or 786-863-3512
14 May 2008 - La Vue Hollwood, Fl

charles | @
'life' is the only song i've heard of yours and since i've been searching for your work. i think it's a masterpiece. thank you
8 May 2008 - Australia

BarristerBabe | @
Hello from the daughter of an old friend from Maxfield P. in Kingston. De fiyah still burnin'!
28 April 2008 - Canada

Joe Grine | @
Bless Mr. Andy. Yu de Best!
15 January 2008 - Belgium

Trevor Roots (UK) | @
Give thanks for the music over the years more life and one love
2 December 2007 - Manchester UK

Destroyer | @
Bob- your music continues to inspire. Keep sending that message and they will hear it. Respect due, everytime!
-Destroyer Production
10 November 2007 - DC USA

paul hue lpoj music | @
hi bob
thanks for the real inspiration which i recieved at the mandeville gig last week that song i love you always gets me as well as the rest of your excellent repertoire of songs.
you are truly gifted and will remain one of my all time favourite songwriters

26 September 2007 - london and jamaica continually

Ian McCann | @
Still out there, still hearing your music. Still continues to move me. Introducing your voice and message to new people's ears. Thank you for making it possible for me to do this.
22 September 2007 - London

Peter G | @
I've listened to your music for over 30 years and it's still as fresh as it's always been. My children now listen to it too. Your lyrics have changed my life. One of the greatest Jamaican artists of all time. Please visit London soon . Bless.
19 September 2007 - London

Annetta | @
I heard your songs as a child growing up, as a child. Now as an adulti appreciate the lyrics and the fine voice .
26 August 2007 - England

Reginald Hewitt | @
Bob, you are a lyrical genius and your songs have stood the test of time.
5 July 2007 - Jamaica

Big Life Sound | @
Not too many words can describe your music, but if i had to use one word it would be '' iniversial''.Give thanks for the music and messages Fada BOB.
2 July 2007 - GUYANA (South America)

W. Junior Buchanan | @
Jah bless and keep up the good works.
1 July 2007 - Jamaica

holy rasta | @
Greetin's, man - you'R the king o finest roots music.
cum tom our sweet Germany breddah !
Jah bless you
27 March 2007 - GERmany

Joao Pedro | @
Greetings, man you-r the best please come to portugal i love your work and i-m sure everyone will love your work to .


Joao pedro
21 February 2007 - Portugal

zezé rastafé | @
Jah is our light brother!
please come to sunny Portugal shake your dreadlocks!!!

with love jah bless
27 January 2007 - portugal

mloyi | @
ATTN: Janis.
I found babaT and he is happy to hear about you. expect an email
4 January 2007 - Tanzania

asabistone | @
You are a great inspiration to me
from my teenage years in Jamaica
until today.
2 December 2006 - Canada

Joćo Pedro | @
Congratulations. man please come to PORTUGAL . i'm sure you will give a awsome show .

please you will love portugal and the public .

thanks, Joćo
4 November 2006 - Portugal

Ras Kabir | @
Blessed Love in The Name of King Rastafari

Just wanted to wish the I a happy Earthday,, today,, OCtober 28th

Iman gonna play some a your music tonight ina the dance with InI soundsystem - fireworks
in New Mexico
28 October 2006 - Albuquerque, New Mexico

roon | @
Commander in the Order of Distinction Keith 'Bob Andy' Anderson,
Congratulations !
(while listening to one of your Great achievements;
"Stepping Free" on ReggaeVibesdotcom-Playlist) ^_^
24 October 2006 - netherlnds

Mike | @
23 October 2006 - Ukraine, Berlin

Andy-B | @
Congratulations on your much deserved Order of Distinction and thanks for all the great music over the years! Please come to San Francisco sometime to perform for us.
19 October 2006 - San Francisco, CA, USA

roon | @
to honour the man, they bring "Ghetto Stays In The Mind" from "Lots of Love and I"
on Playlist at ReggaeVibesdotcom
27 September 2006 - netherlnds

FiYah | @
INI saw you performing @ the revival of Reggae Sunsplash in Jamaica. Nuff respect, may Jah guide and protect you in everything you do
12 September 2006 - The Netherlands

roon | @
conscious words in "Freely".
Bob Andy and his crew, bless dem.
8 September 2006 - netherlnds

Nah Sinna | @


5 September 2006 - Paris, France

Mloyi | @
Pleease add this also, asante kwa kutemelea tovuti ya Bob Andi, karibu tena. Among the greetings you have placed saying Thank you for visiting Bob Andy's page. This is in kiswahili an afrikan language.
31 August 2006 - Tanzania

Joćo Pedro | @
Everyday i hear your music it makes me happy i love it please vsit portugal i wanna see you in concert you are my favorite artist please come. i've a lot of respect for you

with love Joćo
21 August 2006 - Portugal

bobomallo | @
Bob, you are a big man. Greetings
16 August 2006 - sardinia

11 August 2006 - BROOKLYN NY

roon | @
grtngs to Bob Andy and his people,
with a whole LOTS OF LOVE AND I inside. You own the rights
2 August 2006 - netherlands

Kathy Doubbie & Melody McLennan | @
Hi Keith, Greetings from Australia from Kathy & girls, have been wondering how you are, been a long time since I saw you maybe 14 years or so. Hows Janice and Bianca, Perth is quiet, and we have just got the broadband on so thought I would say hi.
6 July 2006 - Perth Australia

William | @
Nuff respect and please visit Belgium this year to spread your vibes and create a fiesta!!!!
2 July 2006 - Belgium

Joćo Pedro | @
HI, man i love your songs, lyrics all you are a living legend, i hope you can come here to Portugal-Lisbon to give a concert man i wish that a lot . you are one of my favorites artists i hope i can see you in concert really.

Everything good for you . nuff respect for you
24 June 2006 - Portugal

Joan Williams | @
What happened to the classic album LOTS OF LOVE AND I this to me was the greatest album of all time love you Bob Andy. Joan London U.K. YOU ARE TO ME AN ALL TIME GREAT. I REALLY FEEL THE FEELING when i listen to you sing. Visit the U.K. soon.
23 June 2006 - UNITED KINGDOM

jennifa | @
Great music. Bob is a true legend.
23 June 2006 - France

Dr. Ska | @
So much good music !!!

Also played on KINK FM Holland
16 June 2006 - Holland

reflectionz | @
Large up to yah Veteran Bob Andy .your works are permanently etched in the hearts and minds of all true reggae fans.
1 May 2006 - USA

Joćo | @
Hi i love your i dont know much but i'm gonna buy sme vinyls of your work i will love it for sure :D

12 April 2006 - Portugal - Lisbon

tringle soundz machine | @
grande uomo e grande reggae!
27 March 2006 - NAPOLI

Shona | @
"You Don't Know" is a favorite of mine - Bob is great. J-h live.
24 March 2006 - North Miami Beach, FL - USA

marybeth | @

The song "Life" is one of the sweetest to my ears. It will always be included in live preformance by Great Stone Sound System.

the brothers and sisters at Great Stone Sound System
23 March 2006 - desert usa

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