COVER VERSIONS OF BOB'S SONGS - alphabetical list by artist
if you know of others, please email us ( the title and the artist and we'll add your contribution to the list!

(titles in brackets below are alternate titles which appeared on the record releases)

Bob Andy A. J. BROWN:     Love Somebody, Sun Shines for Me

ALTON ELLIS:     I Would Be a Fool

BAD MANNERS:     Feel Like Jumping (co-writer: Jackie Mittoo)

Desperate Lover, My Time, Too Experienced, Unchained

BIG YOUTH:     My Time, Sun Shines for Me

BLUE RIDDIM BAND:     Feeling Soul

THE BODYSNATCHERS:     Too Experienced

CARLENE DAVIS:     Desperate Lover

CHALICE:     I've Got to Go Back Home

I Don't Want to See You Cry, I Want to Let You Know, It's Impossible, Open Up the Door, Touch Me Again, We Belong, What Else Can You Show Me, You Won't See Me (Honey Child)

DENNIS BROWN:     It's Impossible

DILLINGER:     Sun Shines For Me (in CB 200)

DON CAMPBELL:     Sun Shines for Me, Unchained (Unchain Us)

EARL 16:     I Don't Care

EDDIE LOVETTE:     Let Them Say, Too Experienced

ERROL DUNKLEY:     It's Impossible

FREDDIE McGREGOR:     I've Got to Go Back Home, Let Them Say

Desperate Lover, I Don't Want to See You Cry, Tell Me Now, You Don't Know

GREGORY ISAACS:     My Time, Sun Shines for Me

HONEY BOY:     It's Impossible (Impossible Love)

HOPETON LINDO:     It's Impossible

Good Luck and Goodbye, I Don't Want to See You Cry, I've Got to Go Back Home (We Got to Forward Home)

I-ROY:     Sun Shines for Me (Sunshine for I)

J. C. LODGE:     I Believe in You

JACK RADICS:     Unchained

JACKIE PARRIS:     Life Could Be a Symphony, Really Together

THE JAYS:     Truly (co-writer: Jackie Mittoo)

JENNIFER LARA:     It's Impossible, Mark My Word

JOHN HOLT:     I Don't Want to See You Cry, Let Them Say

KEN BOOTHE:     Feeling Soul, I Don't Want to See You Cry, Unchained

LEROY SMART:     Half the Way

LLOYD BROWN & FIONA:     Really Together

LOS PERICOS (Argentina):
My Time (Mi Resistencia), Too Experienced (Mucha Experiencia)

LUCIANO:     Desperate Lover

LYN TAITT:     I Don't Want to See You Cry

Check it Out (Discovery), Everlasting, Feel Like Jumping*, Fire Burning (Half Idiot), Freedom Fighters Chant, Ghetto Stays in the Mind, I'm Leaving, I've Got to Go Back Home, Let Them Say, Mark My Word, Melody Life, Really Together (Give Me Your Loving), Stay, Tell Me Now, Truly*
(*co-writer: Jackie Mittoo)


MAXI PRIEST:     Feel the Feeling (Woman)

MIGHTY DIAMONDS:     I Don't Care (I Don't Mind)

Ms. DYNAMITE:     Too Experienced

MYRNA HAGUE:     Melody Life, Honey

NADINE SUTHERLAND:     Higher Ground, War in the City

My Time (Mi Tiempo / Resistencia Es Debil), Too Experienced (Mucha Experiencia)


PAM HALL:     Truly (co-writer: Jackie Mittoo)

THE PARAGONS:     Good Luck and Goodbye, Love at Last, Love's Dream

PRINCE LINCOLN:     Revelation

RICHARD ACE:     Rock It Down

ROMAN STEWART:     Desperate Lover

RUDDY THOMAS:     Feeling Soul

SANCHEZ:     Unchained

SLUGGY RANKS:     Tell Me Now, My Time, Truly (co-writer: Jackie Mittoo)

THE SPECIALS:     I Don't Want to See You Cry (Goodbye Girl)

TAJ MAHAL:     Desperate Lover

TERRORISTS:     It's Impossible

TREVOR HARTLEY:     Feel the Feeling, The Way I Feel

THE TROJANS:     I Don't Want to See You Cry

U-ROY:     I Don't Want to See You Cry (I've Got to Tell You Goodbye)

UB 40:     I Don't Want to See You Cry, It's Impossible (Impossible Love)

VIN GORDON:     Sun Shines For Me (instrumental: Freedom Call)

WAYNE WONDER:     Feeling Soul

WILLIAM ORBIT:     Feel Like Jumping (co-writer: Jackie Mittoo)

WINSTON FRANCIS:     Too Experienced

WINSTON MCANUFF:     Unchained