For some of these photos, the photographer is unknown. It's not our intention to use photos without permission, so if you are the photographer - or if you can help us identify him or her - we would be happy to get in contact, and give proper credit where it's due. (And please tell us more about the locations and circumstances of the photos if you can - it's all good work for the archive we're building up).

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Shopping in London, early 70s
Still from the film Children of Babylon, 1978
Beach snap, JA, early 80s (?)

Echoes Cover 1985 © David Corio
Ladbroke Grove 1985 © David Corio

Thanks to David Corio for permission to use these photos. See more great photos from David at

With daughter Bianca, Kingston circa 1984
© Tony Brennan
Portrait, Copenhagen 1990
Still from the "Love Somebody" video shoot,
1991 © Tim Barrow
Reggae Report Int'l 1995
Photo by Barbara Reuther