Let Them Say

by Keith Anderson © Andisongs
from the album Retrospective

Ba boo ba boo pa paya …

People see me acting strange
They might think it's a burning shame
But the people don't realise
The pangs of hell that I feel
So let them say I'm mad
They don't know how it feels to be sad
I don't know who could be glad
In a situation like this

My last shirt's torn off my back
But that's not quite the fact
My shoe is down to my socks
No place to lay my head
Don't even own a bed
I can't remember when I've eaten bread

They don't seem to realise
What really keeps me alive
It's the power that's so great
That no man can destroy
They'd like to understand
Just where I get my helping hand
So they criticise
While I look and live

Ba boo ba boo pa paya …