Running for Cover

lyrics and vocal melody: Keith Anderson © Andisongs
music: Luca Gatti and Styephane Rene
(from the album A Jamaican in Cairo - Diaspora (V/A) on Green Queen Music)

What is going on?
Can anyone tell I?
The world has gone mad
Strange! Well wow..

I wonder what is happening
The world over
Everyone is panicking
Running for cover

Jamdown no have no war
Just a killing spree
There's confusion near and far
Nobody no free
Terrorism, red alert
Iraq is ablaze
What's going on in the earth?
I am so amazed

Now we have a nuclear world
Every country running scared
It can make your dreadlocks curl
But I and I no have no fear
Is this the Armageddon
That was prophesied?
Every country, every land
Seeking to be nuclearized

Well, strange times
If you know you, can tell I
Where are we going?