by Keith Anderson © Andisongs
from the album Hanging Tough

Dark clouds over my head
Everywhere a picture of gloom
My soul as heavy as lead
Fearing the imminent doom
My mind is so confused
Oh how I yearn to understand
How some folks could be amused
By what is happening on the land

Oh how far - oh how long
Recognise wrong

Each day it's getting much worse
No matter what the media might say
People, this is a curse
There has to be another way
Futile is man's attempt
Nature is the only way
Still, we hold her in contempt
But she will have the very last say

Darkness upon the land
Everyone is feeling pain
When will they understand
There's more to life than selfish gain
Fortunes wasted on arms
Warring in the name of peace
People, sound the alarm
When will this madness cease

Do we want to end the world?
Is that why we're fighting, always fighting
Always fighting fighting fighting
Fighting like barbarians
Oh how far -
Yet we say we're civilised
But are we?