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Click! Running For Cover
Hailing up Maumausounds in Nairobi with a special request to Mickey Jones, who says: "Ever since I stumbled upon this song I've had it on repeat. The message is global but from a personal perspective it also applies, as it did for me in a tumultuous time." Pamoja!
Click! Love Is Sure
Bobís newest release (June 2013)
Click! Check It Out
Requested by Zarwelld (sorry we only have an e-mail address and not your name!) - many thanks for suggesting that we post this set of lyrics, because the observations are even truer today than they were when Bob first sang them in the early 70s.
Click! Cherry
This is for Atsuko Kobayashi: we give thanks for your kind words, and we're so glad Bob's concert in Osaka brought you happiness!
Click! Create Our History
Click! Desperate Lover
For Francesco in Southern Italy - at last! We wouldn't blame you for becoming desperate yourself ... apologies for the long wait, and thanks for your perseverance.
Click! Feeling Soul
Requested by Calvin Scott, who we ask to follow Bob's directive and be kind and gentle to us as we apologise for being late in our response!
Click! Fire Burning
Sending peace and love to Jason Ruggiero from New York who reminded us to include this classic.
Click! Freely
Once again a visitor to our site has a suggestion which makes us say "Why didn't we think of adding that one?" This time we have to thank Filip in Poland for the request for these lyrics, which were written by Bob circa 1983 (though the album of the same title didn't come out until five years later).
And while we're at it, we're sending a massive shout out to Bob's fans and friends in Poland. We'll never forget Gdansk 1989! As a guide to the impact that event made on all concerned: a few years ago, Linton Kwesi Johnson told us that was still the most memorable gig he had ever played ...!
Click! Friends
Click! Going Home
We want to hail up Helio Bettega from Brazil who wrote to "extol (his) affection for the great and soulful musician Bob Andy". Helio, there's no need to apologize for not being able to find the lyrics to this classic song. Big thanks for giving us the opportunity to reach out across barriers of language and music distribution by posting it here. Bless!
Click! Honey
Greetings to Trevor Whelan, who has requested this UK reggae no. 1 from 1983 - with our best wishes for some sweet times ahead....!
Click! I Don't Want To See You Cry
For Daniele Ricci and Cinzia, with thanks for your recognition that it is Bob who wrote this song - and in the hope that your days will be without tears!
Click! It's Impossible (Impossible Love)
For Roberto Gentilini - here's your favourite Bob Andy song, and we appreciate your e-mail very much!
Click! I've Got to Go Back Home
Requested by a fan in Italy whose name and message we regrettably lost in an e-mail crash (but we'll be sure to hail you up it if you send it again!)
Click! Kemar
This one was requested by Tina D. Pace of Arizona - greetings, Tina!
Click! Learning Things About You
For Daggi from Poland, who brightened New Year's Day for us! - and from whom we learned that this song makes a special connection to his own experience. Bob is always intrigued to hear when one of his lesser-known songs "hits the spot" with a listener.
Click! Let Them Say
Click! Life
Click! Life Could Be A Symphony
Requested by Iwatani Chika - you had a very good idea, because these are words of inspiration for all of us ...
Click! Love This Life
Click! My Time
Requested by Giovanni Tomas who thinks that this is one of Bob's most beautiful songs (yes G., you have great taste!)
Click! No Video
Click! Peace Of Mind
This is for Hiroshi Brown in Tokyo - we hope that you will have lots of the same peace and love which Bob sings about. Please don't worry about not speaking English, because the sincerity and good wishes in your message has transcended all language barriers!
Click! Really Together
For Cindy from Orange County, California: we appreciate the chance to revisit this Bob & Marcia classic ... in which Bob surely captured the innocence and promise of young love. Any of you who have seen photos of Marcia from that time will be left in no doubt as to the source of his inspiration!
Click! Rock It Down
"Great song, great singer!" says Stacy Chambless, who we suspect may have clocked in some serious rockin' time himself ... with best wishes for a lot more of same to come, and never a need for a handkerchief before the party gets underway.
Click! Sun Shines For Me
Can you believe we forgot to post the lyrics to one of Bob's all-time classics? - until Nigel from Mt. Vernon, NY woke us up. Nice work, "One of I"!!
Click! Superpowers
Click! Too Proud To Beg
For Rodrigo Mora Cárcamo who tells us that he loves Bob's music, and this one is his favourites ... another song that should have been included a long time ago, and it took an e-mail from Peru to bring the omission to our attention! Rodrigo, may you always stay strong, and be blessed with abundance.
Click! Too Experienced
For Toni (Tina Sedgwick) , who must have become a lot more experienced while we took ages to get down to business ...
Click! Unchained
We're posting Bob's "original and wonderful" lyrics, per Valerie Champoux - our thanks to you for the appreciation.
Click! You Don't Know
Thanks to Janne Siro from Finland who says "This is a very special song which really helped me as a youth, even though it was written in an earlier time and and a very different society. It will remain an evergreen even a hundred years from now!"
Click! You Won't See Me - alternate title: Honey Child
Thanks to Paul Profitt for thinking "outside the box" and choosing a lesser-known song of Bob's. This is one of many examples of Bob's song titles being changed - he called it "You Won't See Me", but Trojan released it as "Honey Child", and that title seems to have been the one that has stuck!
Click! Zion