this page is for messages to Bob that are too long for the guestbook!

30th January 2014

Greetings to you Mr Anderson

Hope all is well and good with you.

Recent personal events got me thinking about your song writing and singing over so many years.

I know from experience that one is taken for granted, and when we've passed - then a whole heap of praise.
I remember listening to the mystic revelation of Rastafari and a line in one of their songs says "give praise to the living instead".
So I'm writing to you with thanks and with praise related to all you have written, co-written or interpreted.
You have always given true information regarding composition be it by you or someone else.
Names have always appeared, never adapted, or adopted, respect due.
You have given the world not just songs but also anthems.
You have given your songs life.
So many tracks in your song books, from the music inside you, some made with friends with lots of love and you and all kept really together.

I know of the claims being made on your compositions and if it was me, I tell the world that Keith Anderson is Bob Andy, and start a social media campaign worldwide of course to verify and those who were there to verify you are the source of these compositions.

I once said to you that I don't know if this business is a blessing or a curse. You answered with one simple word: "YES".

I'd just like to say one final word to you - "RASPECT"
My best wishes to you in life and good health.
Being given credits is good, but you should get wealth, for the works you have done.
Peace and love and happiness too.

Mystic Rae, North London

28th January 2014

"Running for Cover": the message in the song is global and as such not restricted to certain quarters, continents or nations. It had been quite a while in my humble opinion since a Rasta reggae artist actually sang a song that had global outreach.

From a personal perspective the message could be applied just the same, and it did apply for myself personally at the time. So as Mr. Andy questioned the world, I would also question myself.

Sometimes we get preoccupied with technology, MTV's, McDonalds, KFC's etc. and the usual shenanigans of the 21st century, so that we forget to look around at simple things affecting our neighbours, brothers, sisters etc. I found it very compelling, uplifting, positive and encouraging that an artist the stature of Bob Andy could actually sit down and pen the classic.

My take is that an artist such as Bob Andy does not even need to sing. His catalogue of music can sustain him for decades to come - and yet he took the time out to pen this clarion call.

We love Bob Andy.

Mickey Jones (Maumausounds), Nairobi